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Differences between the WhatsApp Business platform and WhatsApp Business app

WhatsApp's business solutions include the WhatsApp Business platform and the WhatsApp Business app.
The WhatsApp Business platform enables businesses to directly integrate WhatsApp with their applications and workflows to connect with their customers on a global scale.
The WhatsApp Business app is intended for small businesses whose primary need is to communicate with customers one to one through the mobile app.
Businesses can use ads that click to WhatsApp to drive awareness of their WhatsApp channel through ads which reach customers on Facebook and Instagram.

WhatsApp Business platform

The enables businesses to build communication experiences to support their business goals. Create customised messaging experiences on WhatsApp with the WhatsApp Business Platform Cloud API hosted by Meta and connect with customers in a simple, secure and reliable way. Businesses using the WhatsApp Business platform can connect thousands of agents and bots to interact with their customers programmatically. In addition, the APIs can be integrated with numerous backend systems, such as CRM and marketing platforms.

WhatsApp Business app

The is a free-to-download app that is built with the small business owner in mind. With the app, your business can:
Create a catalogue to showcase your products and services.
Connect with customers easily by using tools to automate with quick replies and away messages.
Sort and quickly respond to messages with labels.
Create a business profile with helpful information about your business.

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