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Message Undeliverable error

Reasons can include:

The recipient phone number is not a WhatsApp phone number.
Recipient has not accepted our new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Recipient using an old WhatsApp version; must use the following WhatsApp version or greater:
KaiOS: 2.2130.10
Web: 2.2132.6
The message was not delivered to create a high quality user experience. See

Possible solutions include:

Using a non-WhatsApp communication method, ask the WhatsApp user to:
Confirm that they can actually send a message to your WhatsApp business phone number.
Confirm that your WhatsApp business phone number is not in their list of blocked numbers (Settings > Privacy > Blocked or Blocked contacts).
Confirm that they have accepted our latest Terms of Service (Settings > Help, or Settings > Application information will prompt them to accept the latest terms/policies if they haven't done so already)
Update to the latest version of the WhatsApp client.
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