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Per-User Marketing Template Message Limits

Starting February 6, 2024, per-user marketing template message limits apply to template messages sent to a small number of WhatsApp users in India, but will apply to all WhatsApp users with an Indian phone number by February 13, 2024.
WhatsApp is rolling out new approaches, starting with consumers in India, that create high-quality user experiences and maximize marketing template message engagement. This may include limiting the number of marketing template messages a person receives from any business in a given period of time, starting with a small number of conversations that are less likely to be read. Note that the limit is determined based on the number of marketing template messages that person has already received from any business, and is not related to your business specifically.
The limit only applies to marketing template messages that would normally open a new marketing conversation. If a marketing conversation is already open between you and a WhatsApp user, marketing template messages sent to the user will not be affected.
WhatsApp will continue refining their approach and appreciate your partnership as they invest in making WhatsApp the best possible experience for your business and your customers.
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