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How to appeal your WhatsApp ban?

To maintain high-quality conversations on the WhatsApp Business platform, WhatsApp began enforcing on the WhatsApp Business accounts that repeatedly violate the and policies.
If you've received the notification indicating that your WhatsApp Business account has violated a policy, you can view the details of the policy violation and file an appeal.
Note: All policy violations can be appealed within 90 days of being received.

View details of the policy violation

Here's how to view details of the policy violation:
Go to and select your business. If you've transitioned to Meta Business Suite, follow to switch to Meta Business Manager.
Click on the hamburger menu.
Click Account Quality.
On the Meta business account page, scroll down to find the WhatsApp accounts section.
In the WhatsApp accounts section, click the WhatsApp Business account that shows Account issues in the Status column.
In the Available for review tab of the Activity issues section, find the list of policy issues.
Click See details of the policy issue to view details of the violation, including:
Summary of policy violated and the link to the policy.
Whether there are any active restrictions on the account and what happens if the violation happens again.
How to avoid future policy violations.
How to file an appeal.
If you believe that the account didn't violate our policy, you can file an appeal by requesting a review.

File an appeal by requesting a review

Here's how to file an appeal:
Follow the steps above to go to the Available for review tab of the Activity issues section.
Select the policy issue that you want to file an appeal for.
Click Request review.
In the Request policy issue review section, enter the details that you want included in the review. This is optional.
Click Submit.
Your request is submitted. This may result in the issue being reversed. You can view the review status in the In review tab.
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