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How to use Command-K

Increase your team productivity and business efficiency by responding to customers at lightning speed with a completely new way of working – everything is just a Command-K away. Command-K allows you to compose replies, perform actions and navigate around the Inbox really quickly, without needing to lift your fingers off the keyboard or even remember the shortcuts.

To access the Command-K action menu, simply press the following keystrokes:

K on Mac.
Ctrl K on Windows.

Command-K actions

Close conversations
Assign teammate
Use macro
Mark as unread
Send template message
Add label
Add note
Mark as subscribed

Navigating Command-K

Once you’ve opened the Command-K action menu, you can quickly navigate around with your keyboard. Your current selection will be highlighted in gray.
To move your selection up.
To move your selection down.
Enter To choose your current selection.
esc To close the Command-K action menu.
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