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Install BotSpace PWA on Android

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is an app built for the web that provides an experience similar to a mobile app. PWAs are fast and offer many of the features available on mobile devices. For example, they can work offline and send notifications.
You can use PWAs for a fast web experience on your computer or mobile device. You can install a PWA for faster access and extra functionality, like more storage for content to browse offline.
Why did we discontinue our native mobile app?
We found that both native and PWA’s are equally performant.
For PWA’s you do not have to go through the hassle of downloading and updating from app store or play store
All updates are instant on PWA’s
You will never hear us asking “Which version of the app are you on?”

Install the BotSpace PWA

On your Android device, open Chrome
Click on the for options
Tap Install.
Follow the on-screen instructions.

Uninstall a PWA

From your app drawer or home screen, open Settings
Tap Apps & Notifications
and then
See all apps.
Find the PWA you want to remove and tap the icon.
Tap Uninstall.

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