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Incoming message events

An incoming message is a mobile message triggered from our WhatsApp Self Serve platform and routed to your callback URL.
Mayur Morè

Types of payload

This section explains the incoming message event type you receive on your callback URL. It states that a customer has sent a message to your WhatsApp Business API phone number. Here, we will understand the different types of payloads for incoming messages.

Common payload for all events of type message-event and direction incoming

"id": "66154ceed6f6fab03970ba5a",
"channelId": "61fa18c44dc2fa0641aa2e48",
"workspaceId": "61fa14594ed4030016aaafa0",
"direction": "incoming",
"event": "message-event",
"createdOn": "2024-04-09T14:13:02.570Z",
"customer": {
"name": "Ana Russo",
"id": "61fa1a8a9c54e4002dd02337"
"phone": {
"countryCode": "91",
"phone": "9028562767"
"payload": {
"type": "text" | "media" | "listReply" | "buttonReply" | "quickReply",
"payload": {
"text": "Marco"
"direction": "incoming"
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